fundraisingThere are definitely some good fundraising ideas for kids. In fact we will discuss and link to some of the best ideas on this page. But the fact of the matter is that you can choose the best fundraisers available and still not get the results you hoped for if you don’t put some effort into your campaign.

The best fundraisers and easiest fundraisers are usually held by groups that formulate a game plan and execute that plan. It includes pre sale planning, lots of promotion, injecting excitement and making sure there’s good communication on all aspects of the fundraiser including why you’re raising money in the first place.

Of course choosing the best fundraising products for kids is important as well. So here are 7 of our top suggestions:

1. Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraisers

If you’re selling to families with kids then selling cookie dough is a no brainer. Darn near every kid love cookies. They love freshly baked cookies even more. So choose one of the top selling cookie dough product lines and you should have no problem raising a lot of money. Learn more…

2. Snack Fundraisers

We’ve established that kids love cookies. In fact most love snacks in general. That’s why we suggest a new healthy snack fundraiser that we just started offering. The price point is great. The brochures are free. So if you want one of the best fundraising ideas for kids take a look at this one. Learn more

3. Believe it or not – Coffee Fundraisers

Of course most kids don’t drink coffee. So why are we suggesting a coffee fundraiser? Because most kids have a parent or two and the odds are good that not only do the parents drink coffee, the odds are good the parents know lots of other coffee drinkers. So consider selling a product that so many people enjoy. Learn more…

4. Fundraiser for Church Kids

If you need to raise money for kids at a church then definitely consider our Journey of Faith candle fundraiser. Each candle label has a Bible theme and applicable verse to go with it. It is an absolute natural for church groups. Think about how easy it would be for a kid to raise money for a church group using these candles. Learn more…

5. Earth Friendly Kid Fundraisers

We started offering flower bulbs for fundraising a few years ago and the program has grown every single year. More recently two driving forces made this an even more attractive fundraiser for kids. Lots of schools decided they didn’t want to hold candy fundraisers any more and lots of people have a keen sense of wanting to help environmentally whenever they can. So check this one out. Learn more…

6. Home Delivery Cookie Dough

This is the newest way to sell cookie dough and it sure makes things a whole bunch easier. Now, instead of selling cookie dough and then delivering frozen tubs a couple of weeks after your sale ends, you can offer e coupons which allow your customers to purchase cookie dough online that is shipped directly to their home or office. It’s an idea gaining more and more fans. Learn more…

7. Candle Fundraisers

Candles are one of the other products that are extremely easy for kids to sell. Most homes burn candles now and then so darn near everyone a kid talks to is a potential customer. In fact the sales of fundraising candles has grown every year for the past 10 years. With our programs you make 50% profit on every candle you sell and can even earn free shipping.
Learn more…

8. The Latest and Greatest

Some parents feel like they want to change fundraising products every year. They look for the newest and latest and greatest program. For those parents we wanted to share a new candle fundraiser we just added. In its first season sales far exceeded our expectations so it might be worth a look. Learn more…

Other Easy Fundraising Ideas for Kids:

There are lots of easy fundraising ideas for kids available. That’s the good news. Here are a couple of links if you want some more information:

Top 10 Fundraisers: Click Here

Best Fundraising Ideas: Click Here

Easy Fundraising Ideas: Click Here



Posted on 20 September 2012

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