I can not tell you how many times we get extremely small orders from large groups that seem surprised when their participation is so low it should be embarrassing.

When you’re the fundraising company it can really be hard to bite your tongue and ask spiteful questions like did you even hand out the brochures or did you do anything other than hand out brochures?

It seems like laziness has creeped up the school fundraising chain and more and more teachers and parents care so little about fundraising they exert zero effort.

But I digress.

The real reason I wanted write this post was to tell these people it doesn’t take much more effort to get good results than it does to simply sleep walk through the process.

So start with choosing a fundraiser. If you’re not excited about the fundraiser or the product you’ve chosen than don’t waste your time. If your not excited how can you expect others to be motivated by you.

Develop some expectations of success before you get started. If you don’t plan for success the odds of achieving it are slim. So before you start set a financial goal you want to raise and explain what each member of your group must do for you to reach or exceed your goal. Don’t be afraid to tell kids they need to get something done.

Spend just a little time motivating your sellers during your sale. When your group members see the least possible effort from the person planning the fundraiser is it realistic for you to expect any more than that from them?

So I hope I have the courage to boldly question people when they call to place ridiculously small orders. Maybe I’ll learn something.

Or maybe I just need to keep my mouth shut.

Posted on 15 May 2013

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