Getting your Charity Auction Volunteers to Buy-in and Work, by Sherry Truhlar

Posted on 26 November 2011

Getting your charity auction volunteers to buy-in and work Got problems getting event volunteers energized to do what is needed to be done? Here’s one tip: Give volunteers something new and creative to learn which simultaneously solves a problem your charity auction is experiencing. Volunteers will remain engaged if they believe the solution you are […]

History of Awareness Bracelets

Posted on 05 September 2010

Awareness bracelets first started gaining popularity in 2004 through the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The bracelet they used was a yellow silicone wristband meant to raise support for cancer research. Soon after, the silicone wristbands had become popular with many other charities, from the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign to the BBC’s ‘Beat Bullying’ campaign. Nowadays, you […]

See where the good goes

Posted on 23 August 2010

Have you ever wondered where your donations and support goes? The website, “” allows you to meet local health workers and the children they help to survive. Each year, almost 9 million children in the developing world die of largely preventable and treatable illnesses before they reach the age of five – that equates to […]

Video: Caught in a Cat Romance (thanks to San Francisco SPCA)

Posted on 20 May 2010

If you think all nonprofit communications have to be serious, think again. Kudos to the San Francisco SPCA for creatively jumping on a hot topic while promoting their mission. Warning: watching this video may cause abrupt laughter, inability to stop singing this song and warm fuzzies.

Today Show Helps Rebuild Galveston, TX after Hurricane

Posted on 29 June 2009

This year The Today Show Lend a Hand program helped five great causes.  Al Roker went on the road to help organizations around the country: A Chance for Children Foundation, Los Angeles, California Portland Parks Foundation, Portland, Oregon Help4Galveston, Galveston, Texas Arkansas Rice Depot, Little Rock, Arkansas Community School of the Arts, Charlotte, North Carolina […]

Amazing Grace: Favorite Nonprofit Video from the Salvation Army

Posted on 20 April 2009

This is such an awesome video. Reciting the familiar song lyrics, and putting them in the context of changed lives has a powerful impact.

Drive-in to your volunteer job (like it or not)

Posted on 30 March 2009

“AHHH! What to do? Too many volunteers – Nonprofits are overwhelmed, volunteers underwhelmed!” that was the teaser Chris Jarvis posted to Twitter.  With a line like that I couldn’t help but follow the link he left.  And his blog post titled Six Reasons Why You’ll Never Volunteer Again did not disappoint. As Chris points out […]