Step by Step Fundraising wants to be a trusted resource for all your fundraising needs. That’s why we offer a wide selection of fundraising guides so you can learn more about many different fundraising events that depend on your level of experience.

But at the end of the day we realize we may not offer everything for everyone. So we finally decided to create a page showing some trusted fundraising companies you might also consider.

We are careful to limit our suggestions to companies that are leaders in their specialties.

1. Easy Fundraising Ideas: Easy Fundraising has been the leader in product fundraising since 2000. They are usually the first company to offer fundraising products that they believe are affordable and have a ready market. If they offer a product you can feel confident that groups are currently selling those products and raising money. Their site is designed to help groups easily locate multiple fundraising options.

2. Read-a-thon: If you’re raising money for an elementary school than you should consider holding a Read-a-thon. This company has modernized the old fashion reading fundraiser by integrating all of the benefits of crowdfunding. Schools on their website report they are raising more money reading than they’ve made selling fundraising products in the past. So if you are raising money for school aged children you might consider this program.

3. GoFundMe: GoFundMe has become the leader in online crowdfunding. The company makes raising money online easy. You basically create a cause page and then share that with friends and family. Those people are asked to donate money online. The company helps thousands of individuals and groups every single year.

4. Boosterthon: Boosterthon was one of the early players in turning a field day into a fundraiser. The company sends a team to your school and basically runs the fundraiser. It combines physical fitness and raises money by getting sponsors to make pledges based on laps completed on the actual field day.

5. Top School Fundraisers: If you’re looking for a school this website does a good job of making suggestions based on your grade level. They offer some of the fundraisers they suggest and just act as a reference point for some they don’t offer themselves.


We hope to continue to add resources here as we identify them. Please feel free to make suggestions.

Posted on 05 January 2017

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