Candle Fundraisers that Make Sense

Year in and year out candle fundraisers come through for all types of groups needing to raise money. It’s a product that people seem willing to buy. The fact is that the majority of people purchase and use candles at home and possibly even at their offices. So why not consider selling candles to raise money?

How do Candle Fundraisers work?

When you choose to sell candles all you really need to do is order brochures and order forms for every member of your group to sell with. We will send a free copy of each so you can hand one to every person selling. Your group members show the brochures to friends and family and take orders for candles. You should collect your payment when you take the order. Most groups sell candles for about 2 weeks. At the end of your sale collect all the order forms, tally them together and place a bulk order for the candles sold. It’s that simple. There’s no upfront cost so there’s no risk.

Different Candles for Different Groups

Candles, unlike lots of other fundraising products, candles are branded for specific markets. That makes them especially attractive for groups looking for products to sell to make money. And that’s why we offer a nice selection of candle fundraisers so you can choose the one best suited for your group and its supporters.

Earth Candles

This has been our top selling candle fundraiser for the past few years. It offers a great selection of candles. There are 2 sizes for your customers to choose from and the program includes all of the top selling scents. The all natural wax and earth theme make these candles especially easy to sell. And they are competitively priced. There’s no sense making less than 50% selling candles. So if you’re considering different candle fundraising ideas we strongly suggest Earth Candles. There’s no cost to start one. We will send everything you need to get start for free with no risk. You make 50% profit on each candle. There’s no minimum so it’s perfect for any sized group. Click for more details

Journey of Faith Candles

These Inspirational Fundraising Candles are perfect for churches and church related groups. They are lead-free and made with All Natural Wax and upscale fragrances. Faith Candles are long-burning, 12 ounce canning jar candles with 8 different fragrances, each color-coded to the respective fragrance of that particular candle. These special fundraising candles have different Bible themes corresponding to each fragrance, with a unique Scripture Verse for each theme. The 8 Bible themes are, HOPE, LOVE, BELIEVE, ENCOURAGE, FORGIVE, PRAISE, SERVE and TRUST. We will provide free brochures and order forms for each member of your group to sell with. You will sell the candles for only $12 each. There’s no cost to start the fundraiser so if you have a faith-based group and it needs to raise money consider a Journey of Faith candle fundraiser. Click for more details.

Quote Candles

This collection has 8 options including Vanilla Ginger, Cucumber Melon, Pumpkin Pie, Lavender Mist, Balsam Fir, White Cotton, Cinnamon Apple and Baked Apple Pie. Each candle label has an inspirational message and theme. They are made from the highest quality blended waxes and fragrances available, hand poured right here in the USA! There’s no cost to start the program. Your group keeps 50% of everything they sell. Each candle sells for only $12 each. You can even qualify for free shipping if you sell 150 or more candles. It’s easy to raise money with these candles. And there are no minimums – order as much as you sell!  Click for more details.

Learn how to raise the most money with candle fundraisers.