Book Reviews

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale, by Marc A. Pitman

Posted on 26 November 2011

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale Here in the United States, today is called “Black Friday.” It’s theday that most stores have sales so they can end the calendar year “in the black” (as opposed to being in the red). And the following Monday is known as “Cyber Monday”– a time for online retailers to […]

Event Fundraising Ideas

Posted on 29 September 2010

Fundraising counselors have cited that the number one reason most fundraisers aren’t as successful as they could be is because they are not planned for properly. Group organizers either don’t plan far enough ahead in advance, or simply don’t expect for certain situations to arise. With how little time most fundraising groups have to fundraise, […]

Free Online Fundraising eBooks: Download These Today

Posted on 10 December 2008

Today I’d like to feature two great resources that could make a big difference in your online fundraising efforts.  They come from experienced experts in online fundraising…. plus they are free. 1. The 2008 Online Fundraising Survival Guide: 12 Winning Strategies to Survive & Thrive in a Down Economy from Network for Good.  If you […]

Looking For ‘Thank You’ Ideas? 121 Recognition Ideas for Donors, Volunteers and Members

Posted on 23 August 2007

Do you thank your volunteers, donors and members in the same way — year after year? Would you like to come up with some fresh ideas that have worked successfully for other organizations? 121 Recognition Ideas for Donors, Volunteers and Members published by Stevenson, Inc. offers you 121 valuable ideas that you can put into […]

Becoming a World Changing Organization Requires Going Through “The Dip”

Posted on 13 July 2007

In Seth Godin’s new book, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), he posits that all worthwhile endeavors go through “The Dip.” The Dip helps sort half-hearted attempts from the truly world-class efforts. “Most consumers…,” writes Godin, “wait for something to be standardized, tested, inexpensive, and ready […]

Fundraising on eBay – An Interview with author Jill Finlayson

Posted on 22 March 2007

What is it the commercials say? You can find “it” on eBay. “It” can be just about anything – from collectables, the latest fashions, comic books and even cars and homes. Many charities are now diving into the world of online auctions at eBay, using them as a tool in their fund-raising toolbox with great […]

Make Friends & Raise Funds with a Fundraising Houseparty

Posted on 07 November 2006

In March of this year I recieved a review copy of The Fundraising Houseparty kindly sent to me by the author, Morrie Warshawski. After reading through the small 58 page book I knew that this was a great funrdaising strategy that would work for many cause oriented groups. […]