Cookie Dough Fundraising

Even though cookie dough fundraising is one of the most common ways for schools, sports and church groups to raise money there are some things you should know whether you’ve done one before or are completely knew to fundraising.

For the most part there is no cost to start a cookie dough fundraiser. Some people call these brochure fundraisers or pre sell. Most programs, though, provide free brochures and order forms and you use those to pre sell cookies to friends and family.

You sell by showing the brochures and taking orders and you collect your money when someone places their order with you. You should request 1 brochure for each person selling. On the back of the brochure is an order form and you write down the name of the person buying cookie dough along with the flavors they purchased and how many boxes and tubs on each. At the end of the sale they tally together their order form and turn it in to the group. Then the coordinator combines all the orders into one large bulk order.

There are 4 main types of cookie dough to choose from. Although you’ll find variations for the most part the 4 groups covers most of the options.

1. Frozen Tubs of Cookie Dough: This is the most common product within cookie dough fundraising. The customer purchases a tub of a single flavor. When they want to bake the cookies they scoop some of the dough onto a baking sheet and place it in the oven returning the tub to the freezer to be used in the future. There are different sizes of tubs ranging from under 2 pounds to more than 3 pounds. Selling prices vary as well. The range currently is between $10 to $16 per tub depending on the size and the brand. Some programs include up to 15 different flavors but typically 6 flavors make up more than 90% of sales.

2. Boxed of Preportioned Cookies: This product is also frozen. Instead of coming in tubs where you need to scoop out dough, the product comes in cookie sized pieces that you simply take from the box and place in the oven. Years ago one of the smarter manufacturers realized that people didn’t like having to dig their scoops into the tubs. They also realized that the cookies were more appealing if you they were uniform in size. With preportioned cookies you know the exact number of cookies that come in the box.

3. Cookie Mix: This is the best option for some wanting to sell cookies but not wanting to handle a frozen product. Groups selling frozen products are under pressure to get the product delivered in a relatively short time span. Cookie mixes don’t require refrigeration. Lots of people love that. The downside is that you need to add eggs and milk to the mix. But like frozen cookie dough you sell the mixes from a brochure and order only after your sale is done.

4. Home Delivery Cookie Dough: This is the newest entry into the cookie dough market. Now instead of pre selling tubs or boxes and then placing a bulk order that needs to be delivered you can sell an “E Coupon” that your customer redeems online to have their cookie dough shipped directly to their home or office. The tubs for this program are a little more expensive to cover freight costs but lots of groups love the concept and the elimination of delivery day.

Profit margins vary from program to program. Groups can make 50% profit or more but profits are based on volume so the more you sell the lower your price and the higher your profits.

Cookie dough is a great item for medium to larger groups. Smaller groups should probably opt for mix or home delivery where quantity ordered has less of an impact.

Shipping is usually free. But double check before booking your fundraiser. Since the cost of shipping frozen products is so expensive most programs have firm minimums you must meet.

Finally don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions you might have before you start your fundraiser.

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