Cookie Mix Fundraiser

Although frozen cookie dough fundraisers are extremely popular and work very well, there are 2 major complaints about them. The first and most obvious is the difficulties that come up with handling and storing a frozen product. The other is the minimum order requirement that is quite often too large for smaller groups. So for many a Cookie Mix fundraiser works better.

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Profit and Costs:

Tubs Bought % Profit Total Profit
1200 or more 54% $ 7776.00 plus
600 - 1199 50% $7194.00
300 - 599 46% $3306.48
150 - 299 42% $1506.96
60 - 149 38% $679.44
6 - 59 30% $212.40

No Cost to Start

If this is the fundraiser you would like to use then you simply need to tell us how many people will be selling and we will send you a free brochure and order form for each member of your group. That’s all they’ll need to get started. And it’s FREE.

So there is no cost or risk to start this fundraiser.

Profits You Can Make

Your profit is the difference between the selling price ($13 per tub) and your cost per tub. Like most products the more you buy the lower your cost per tub.

This chart will tell you the profit per tub that you can make. So if you estimate the number of tubs you feel you will sell, multiply that number times the profit per tub and you can estimate how much money you might make.

Product Description

Our Cookie Mix does not require any refrigeration. This cookie dough is Fresh – not frozen. Just add eggs and butter. There are all natural ingredients.

The dough mix comes in safety-sealed, tamper proof reusable tubs.

Unlike frozen programs there’s only a 1-case minimum and we shipping is FREE!

Your group sells these tubs for $13 each.

We do ship dry mix cookie dough in full 6-tub cases per flavor. Each flavor needs to be rounded to full case quantities when placing your order.

Ordering Your Cookie Mix

We suggest you sell for 2 weeks. At the end of your sale collect all the order forms. We suggest you get each seller to tally their order forms together. We offer free online tools for tallying.

Once you’ve collected the order forms you need to tally those together. We also offer free online tools to do that. If you don’t use the online tools we strongly suggest you use a spread sheet like Excel to avoid mistakes.

Each flavor of cookie mix needs to be ordered in full cases that are packed with 6 tubs each. Unfortunately that’s how the cookie mix is packed at the manufacturing plant. So if you sell 29 tubs of Oatmeal Raisin you’d round it up to 30 tubs or 5 cases of 6 tubs.

You can enter your order online or you can call us toll free with your totals.

Delivery Times and Costs

The great news is that shipping is free. We’ve included the cost of shipping in your cost per tub.

The other great thing about cookie mix is that it can ship any time of the year and any day of the week. Typically we will ship your order within a couple days of receiving your order and payment.

Suggested Group Size

This is a perfect fundraiser for groups of any size because of the low minimums, free shipping and no upfront cost.

Unlike frozen cookie dough fundraisers that should really be run by medium to larger groups this fundraiser is a great option for nearly any sized group. Even individuals can use this to raise money with.