Resource Roundup

The Best Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Posted on 15 December 2011

When you want to do something positive to help a good cause, you may have decided that mission trip fundraising ideas are the way to go. With mission trip fundraising, you will be helping Christian volunteers improve the lives of others who may have a lower quality of life. Your efforts will go toward funding […]

Wanna Sound Really Smart? Read These Articles!

Posted on 30 October 2011

Many readers at StepByStepFundraising enjoy this monthly peek at articles from our sister site Even if you don’t have anything to do with school fundraising specifically, there is sure to be something interesting for you to check out.  Here is a list of article links to October’s posts.  I’ve included a short excerpt from […]

Wanna Sound Smart? Read These Articles!

Posted on 30 September 2011

Greetings!  Today I want to share with you a selection of articles I wrote this month on our sister blog- TopSchoolFundraisers.  While it’s true that the articles are written from the perspective of a school fundraiser, there are many general principles that apply to all kinds of non-profit organizations.  So, please don’ t be put […]

Resource Round-up, August 2011

Posted on 31 August 2011

Hello!  Today is the day of the month when I share with you some great news articles and blog posts that have caught my eye over the last thirty days. Many of these links below are from guest writers to StepByStepFundraising, so you’re already familiar with their great work.  I strongly encourage you to check […]

Wanna Sound Smart? Read These Articles!

Posted on 30 August 2011

Greetings!  I hope you’ve all had a great summer!  September is now upon us and many of you non-profit leaders are just now entering into your busy season.  To you, I wish you a great year filled with lots of fundraising success.  For those of you whose busiest season was summer, I hope you met […]

Resource Round-Up, May 2011

Posted on 31 May 2011

Over the course of the last several months, there have been a number of excellent guest writers who have agreed to share their experience, their knowledge, and their wisdom with you, the readers of Step By Step Fundraising. I hope you have learned a great deal from these men and women and that you have […]

Wanna Sound Really Smart? Read these articles!

Posted on 30 May 2011

Each month, at the end of the month, I like to take this one blog post to share with you all of the other articles either a handful of excellent guest authors or I have written for the FastTrack Fundraising family of blogs. Some people may just check out one or two of these three […]