Hello!  Today is the day of the month when I share with you some great news articles and blog posts that have caught my eye over the last thirty days.

Many of these links below are from guest writers to StepByStepFundraising, so you’re already familiar with their great work.  I strongly encourage you to check these writers out in greater depth! 

Enjoy the reading! ~Jim Berigan

I’ll start off with a shameless plug for a new eBook that I help to write, along with Sandra Sims, who is probably very familiar to those of you readers who’ve been around here for a while.

The eBook is called Raffle Secrets and it’s top-notch, if you ask me!  It’s packed with very practical advice on how to run a financially successful raffle and has several interesting ideas on how to run some rather unique raffle events.

There are several free articles posted on our sales site, which makes it worth clicking on over there just by itself.  But, while you are there, I’d love it if you bought a book, too! If you are even thinking about running a raffle for your non-profit this year, this book is for you!

This article is from earlier in the summer, but it introduces an excellent series of posts that Maureen Carruthers has been working on the last three months. The series is called The Showcase of Small Voices, and it is very much worth digging into.

Here’s a fun article from Betsy Baker of Your Grant Authority.  It’s called What MTV, Dale Carnegie and Winning Grants Have in Common.  Betsy mentions her childhood love of music videos from the 1980s, which was exactly my era, as well, so she had me hooked right away.  Great article!

When it comes to running successful benefit auctions, there’s no one with more great information and advice than Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions.  Here is a link to a video she put together titled “Which Is Better: An Auction Underwriter Or Auction Sponsor?”  If you’ve never heard Sherry talk before, this is a great way to get to know her work.

Amy Eisenstein of TriPointFundraising always puts out terrific information for non-profits on her blog.  Here is a link to a recent article called “4 Steps to Raise More Money AFTER Your Event”.  This is excellent information for any group that wants to maximize every single revenue-producing opportunity.



Posted on 31 August 2011

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