There is a lot that people can do nowadays in helping to make the planet a better place. Many environmental issues have now been brought to the attention of the general public, and as a result of this we are now seeing more action being taken in an effort to correct our past mistakes.

People are recycling more and taking care not to overuse commodities that previously we wouldn’t have thought twice about using.

Governments are now looking to renewable energy sources to help fuel our homes and vehicles, and many people are also volunteering for environmental programs that help to improve the world’s issues head on.

But what can you do to help? If you want to do something good for an environmental cause in a way that can involve everybody at your church, then why not go with green fundraising to start to make a difference?

Green fundraising is a positive way to raise money for one of the many environmental charities, but it also helps to raise awareness for some of the planet’s more serious environmental issues.

Having everybody in your church group get involved in this cause will help them to change their ways and become more proactive in things like recycling in their daily lives. One way to really make a difference with green fundraising is to sell fundraising products in your church group.

We have a selection of fundraising products that are perfect for a church group wanting to do something good for a green cause. Whether it’s our Earth Candle Fundraising package, which offers a variety of candles in several highly aromatic scents and colors, or our Faith Lollipops Fundraiser, which is great for the younger environmentalists at your church, you are sure to find something on our website that will help to make your next green fundraiser and event to be remembered.

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Posted on 22 April 2013

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Min. Harvey B Parmer Sr says:

    Thank you for the invitation’ in going green fund raising ideas, we are currently beginning are Church fund raising project. I was looking for experienced people/churches who have a history in this area and going green is a perfect and educational way of helping the church and the community…. looking to see more in what you have to offer.

    Be Blessed (Harvey B Parmer)
    Care Ministry

  2. Candace leach says:

    My lil sister and i are homeless liveing in Auburn ca in A tree house we need help getting in a home fast its freezing outside and i dont know how long we can make it out here please help us find a home fast thank you

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