fundraisingEveryone is always looking for easy fundraising ideas. To us an easy fundraiser takes very little effort to get started. Ideally it doesn’t cost anything to start. There should be no risk to try. You should be able to make 50% profit. And to make it real easy there should not be any hidden costs of difficult administrative requirements.

So let us share some of the easy fundraisers we offer that cover all of the points above:

1. Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Cookie dough is one of the easiest fundraising products to sell so we’ll make it the number one suggestion. Just about everyone you know enjoys freshly baked cookies so how easy is it to sell those people a product you know they’ll enjoy? To top it off we have a program that offers only the best selling flavors which makes everything so much easier. Learn more…

2. Healthy Snack Fundraisers

People love to snack. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. But the good news is that we have a fundraiser that offers some of the healthiest snacks available. Like cookie dough selling a product people want to purchase makes fundraising as easy as possible. Just get some free brochures and let the photos of delicious snacks sell themselves. Learn more

3. Coffee Fundraisers

Have you driven by a Starbucks recently? It’s amazing how many people love their coffee fix. That’s why we’ve included coffee fundraisers on our best fundraising ideas list. The universe of prospective customers is just too large to ignore. And since we found a coffee fundraiser that now includes some of the best selling tea flavors we feel it’s definitely worth a look. Learn more…

4. Easy Church Fundraiser

Are you raising money for a church or church related group? If you are and want one of the easiest products to sell consider our Journey of Faith candle fundraiser. Each candle label has a Bible theme and applicable verse to go with it. It is an absolute natural for church groups. Learn more…

5. Earth Friendly Fundraisers

Why not take advantage of the ever growing concern for nature and the environment? We created a great new fundraising opportunity to sell earth friendly products with our flower bulb fundraiser that we started offering about a year ago. You make 50% profit selling flower bulbs. There’s a program for the spring and a different one for the fall. Learn more…

6. Eliminate Product Deliveries

Have you decided that you don’t want to sell a product because you hate the idea of having to deliver a product a couple of weeks after your fundraiser ends? Consider our Home Delivery Cookie Dough fundraiser. You sell e coupons that your customers redeem online for tubs of delicious cookie dough that is delivered directly to their home or office. How easy is that? Learn more…

7. Sell Some Candles

Have you ever read how many people burn candles at either their home or office? The percentage was staggering. If you want an easy fundraiser you want to sell something lots of people buy. People not only will purchase candles for themselves, they’ll also purchase candles to give as gifts. This is our top candle fundraiser. You make 50% profit on every candle you sell and can even earn free shipping.
Learn more…

8. Sell the Newest Products

Some groups think the easiest way to raise a lot of money is to sell the newest products on the market. If you are one of those people then consider our Quote candle fundraiser. We just introduced it and it’s quickly becoming one of the best new candle fundraisers available. People love the price, the quality and the simplicity of the program. Learn more…

Other Easy Fundraising Ideas:

There are lots of easy fundraising ideas available. That’s the good news. Here are a couple of links if you want some more information:

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