Quote Candle Fundraiser

We don't add candle fundraisers very often. But when Heritage Candles approached us with their new Quote Candle fundraising lineup of products we were excited enough to add it to our site. We are approached all the time by candle manufacturers wanting us to carry their products but none have compared in quality to these fundraising candles.

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Profit and Costs:

Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 50% YES
1 to 149 50% No

How do Quote Candle Fundraisers work?

Let’s start out with all of the good news about Quote Candles. They cost nothing to start. You make 50% profit – which is much higher than the 40% offered by companies like Yankee Candles. They are manufactured here in the USA.

We provide free brochures and order forms for each member of your group. The show the brochures to friends and family and take orders for candles. The candles sell for $12 each and they cost you $6 each.

Description of the candles

The program includes a choice of 8 scents including: Beautiful Candles: Vanilla Ginger, Cucumber Melon, Pumpkin Pie, Lavender Mist, Balsam Fir, White Cotton, Cinnamon Apple and Baked Apple Pie.

Each candle has a long lasting fragrance and comes with an inspirational quote on the label. There is a different quote for each scent.

How much does it cost to start?

The program costs absolutely nothing to start. There’s no risk in trying the fundraiser. Just tell us how many people will be selling and we will send you marketing materials for each member of your group free of charge.

There’s no need to purchase candles or inventory in advance. You literally spend nothing to get started.

How much money will I make?

You will make 50% profit on every Quote candle you sell. For example most of the candles retail for $12 each. On those candles you will make $6 each or half the selling price. There are other nationally known candle fundraisers that offer less than 50%. But on this program you make half the money you raise.

If you sell 150 candles or more we will even pay for your shipping costs. Otherwise we charge $65 for shipping and other related expenses.

How do I get started?

If you think this is the fundraiser for you just click on the button below and give us some basic information and we will send your materials so you can get started. You can also call us at the toll free number at the top of the page.