Donor Relationships

How Simple Development Systems Will Create Sustainable Funding, by Pamela Grow

Posted on 16 November 2011

Author, coach, copy-writer, nonprofit marketing consultant and political junkie, Pamela is the author of “Five Days to Foundation Grants”  and  the creator of Simple Development Systems, the only online coaching program created for the overwhelmed fundraiser in the one-person marketing and development shop. Pam segued from six years working in programming and communications at a regional grantmaking […]

Leverage Your Alumni for Organizational Development

Posted on 26 October 2011

There’s a formula in the business world that somehow proves it is less expensive to sell to established or previous customers than it is to find and develop new customers. I’m not much of a businessman, but that seems to make sense, right? After all, you already have your previous customers’ (or clients’) names, email […]

Recession-proof Fundraising, by Marc A. Pitman

Posted on 21 October 2011

Here’s a great post from Marc Pitman, aka The Fundraising Coach.  Today, Marc offers timely advice about raising money in a challenging economic time. Marc is a great friend of Step by Step Fundraising.  I hope you take the opportunity to get to know him as we have. Oh, if you are inclined to Tweet, you […]

Why Don’t They Care? By Kirsten Bullock

Posted on 17 October 2011

I’d like to welcome back Kirsten Bullock to Step By Step Fundraising.  Kirsten is a CFRE consultant, trainer and coach who works with leaders of non-profit organizations and ministries to bring professionalism, excellence and effectiveness to their board and fundraising efforts. She earned her designation as a Certified Fund Raising Executive in 2002. Kirsten is […]

Nonprofits: Create “customer pathways” to build loyalty, by Gayle Thorseon

Posted on 14 October 2011

Gayle Thorsen (pictured at left) is back with another great article to share with us here at Step By Step Fundraising!  Over the past year, Gayle has been kind enough to share with us her recent articles from her blog ImpactMax.  Today she has one for us about time saving advice for those of us working […]

4 Simple Steps to Asking Individuals for Donations, by Amy Eisenstein

Posted on 04 October 2011

Greetings!  Today, I have another terrific guest article to share with you.  This time, author of 50 Asks in 50 Weeks and certified fundraising consultant Amy Eisenstein, (pictured at left) has been kind enough to share one of her recent blog posts with us. If you’ve never visited Amy’s site, TriPointFundraising, I highly suggest that you take a […]

Finding a Few Good Prospects, by Kirsten Bullock

Posted on 23 September 2011

Finding a Few Good Prospects by Kirsten Bullock in Thoughts on Fundraising “Where do we find prospects?” is a question I often get asked. As is often the case with good questions, I have to respond with another question: What if, in five years, your organization was fully funded? What would your organization look like? More importantly, what would […]