Blogs vs. Facebook for Nonprofits, by Gayle Thorsen

Posted on 14 November 2011

Gayle Thorsen (pictured at left) is back with another great article to share with us here at Step By Step Fundraising!  Over the past year, Gayle has been kind enough to share with us her recent articles from her blog ImpactMax.   Gayle has been in the nonprofit communications world for more than 25 years, the […]

8 Reasons to Host a Non-profit Summit in Your Community- Part III

Posted on 21 January 2011

In parts I & II of this article, I have listed six different goals that should be set at a community-wide non-profit summit meeting.  These goals so far are: Make a thorough introduction of each group and person that goes beyond the casual niceties of most meetings. Launch a brainstorming session that lists the problems […]

15 Things to Do Right After Your Group Gets Some Good Press

Posted on 29 December 2010

Today I had one of those “proud parent” moments. A photo of my six year old daughter in her swim cap, Speedo race suit, and goggles was splashed across the front page of the sports section in our local paper. The paper had done a large story on our youth swim team. My daughter just […]

Nonprofit Marketing: Brand Awareness Campaign at Community Events

Posted on 16 February 2009

Non-profits are always trying to find creative and inexpensive ways to market their organizations more effectively. Sometimes, you are aiming to promote a specific event, like a fundraiser or a membership drive, while in other situations, you are aiming a bit broader, and just hope to get your organization’s name out there in a positive […]

Fundraising Myth: Advertising and Marketing Are Too Expensive for Our Organization

Posted on 17 April 2008

In a time when many non-profit organizations are examining their budgets closely and looking anywhere to cut expenses, it is not uncommon that allocations for advertising and marketing are slashed. This may cause some to worry that existing customers will fall out of touch and potential new ones will never hear of you in the […]

27 Story Ideas for Your Non Profit’s Newsletter

Posted on 11 March 2008

While researching email tips for non profits I discovered Kivi Leroux Miller’s blog about non profit communications. One of her articles presents 15 Places to Find Article Ideas for Your Nonprofit Newsletter which includes some creative places around the office and otherwise to find newsletter ideas. So after reading Kivi’s post I decided to put […]

Can Publicity Alone Raise Funds?

Posted on 05 July 2007

Short answer: no. Publicity such as newspaper articles, PSA’s, television and the like are a supplement to both fundraising and general communication efforts. However they should not be the first or main strategy. To raise substantial money you must ask people in person, regardless of any well-placed stories. Second, most campaigns depend on a relatively […]