Powerful Press Release Distribution Tips

Posted on 16 May 2007

While press release writing is important, press release distribution plays an equally important role in your return on investment (ROI) with this marketing / public relations tool. Because without targeted distribution, many prospects, clients and other interested parties may not even read your latest announcement or hear about it via other channels; TV, radio, print […]

Radio Publicity for Your Organization or Fundraiser

Posted on 21 February 2007

What’s one of the first things you do when you get in your car? Turn on the radio! This simple entertainment medium can mean big exposure for your events and organization because of the wide audiences radio stations reach. Here are a few tricks for getting your news out there and on the air. As […]

8 Publicity Questions to Ask When Planning Your Special Event

Posted on 14 November 2006

One of the biggest mistakes event organizers make is forgetting about publicity until after almost all the planning is complete. Do that, and you’ll blow your chances of getting the best coverage possible. Smart Publicity Hounds are aware of any and all media opportunities and keep them top of mind when planning. Here are eight […]

Take a Reporter to Lunch

Posted on 14 July 2006

When was the last time you invited a journalist to lunch or coffee? I can just see lots of you squirming in your seats as you’re reading this. Some of you are even starting to perspire. A few of you, I bet, are paralyzed at the thought of eating lunch for an entire hour with […]

Newsletters That Grab Their Attention

Posted on 20 June 2006

Does your non profit organization send out a newsletter? Most organizations should send out at least a quarterly update to keep in touch with donors. Just like donation request letters, newsletters should speak to the needs and interests of the reader. They should include an appropriate emotional appeal using stories of real people who are […]

Event Signs

Posted on 02 June 2006

Every fundraising event needs signs of some kind, whether it’s advertising or signs used at the event itself. Signs placed in strategic locations for several weeks or months ahead of time can attract attention and attendance for your event. Using just one sign though is not usually enough. You can maximize the publicity for the […]

Publicity Links

Posted on 16 May 2006

I recently found several new websites with great information about publicity. With all of these great resources I decided to create a page in the resources section just for publicity. […]