Donation Fundraisers

4 Simple Steps to Asking Individuals for Donations, by Amy Eisenstein

Posted on 04 October 2011

Greetings!  Today, I have another terrific guest article to share with you.  This time, author of 50 Asks in 50 Weeks and certified fundraising consultant Amy Eisenstein, (pictured at left) has been kind enough to share one of her recent blog posts with us. If you’ve never visited Amy’s site, TriPointFundraising, I highly suggest that you take a […]

Crowd Funding Website

Posted on 28 July 2011

MicroGiving is a crowd funding website that lets you raise money online to fund a project, cause or entrepreneurial idea. One of the challenges people face is how to raise money.  Don’t cross your fingers and wait for someone to grant you permission to be successful! If you’re looking to raise money , set up […]

Scratch and Give Fundraisers

Posted on 24 September 2010

A really fun and interactive way of fundraising is to sell fundraising scratch cards. These cards have little ovals that supporters can scratch off. Depending on the dollar amount scratched off is the amount they have to donate to your group. In return, they receive a gift in return for their donations. Gifts can range […]

Online Donations

Posted on 21 September 2010

Online donations are becoming the medium of choice to collect for different fund-a-thons. More and more schools are participating in different causes, such as AIDS walk, Relay for Life, etc. With how much of a headache storing money, collecting money, and keeping a record of those you still have to collect from, having an online […]

Spinners Fundraisers

Posted on 28 August 2010

Spinner fundraisers combine games, donations, and coupon sheets all into one for a fun and interactive fundraising game. Spinners are handed out to each group member, who then go out to supporters asking them to play the “spinner” game. In this game, the supporters spin an arrow and wherever the arrow lands, they have to […]