Greetings!  I hope you’ve all had a great summer!  September is now upon us and many of you non-profit leaders are just now entering into your busy season.  To you, I wish you a great year filled with lots of fundraising success.  For those of you whose busiest season was summer, I hope you met all your goals and can take a little time to relax and re-group this fall.

We’ll be plugging away all year, here at StepByStepFundraising, and we hope you stay with us.

As always, if you are ever in need of ideas for fundraising events or sales, please click on over to  They have an amazing variety of items and services that are proven to help all kinds of non-profits raise money.

In addition to writing and managing this blog, we also have another great site,, with helpful information, geared specifically toward fundraising in schools.  If you have a minute, please take a look at a few of the articles I posted this month.  The links are below.

We’ll see you back here in September!

~Jim Berigan


School Fundraising Tips from Tim Sullivan, PTO Today President

How Does Your School Stack up in Fundraising with Other Schools in Your District?

What Kind of Fundraiser is your School’s Principal? Part I

What Kind of Fundraiser is Your School’s Principal? Part II

A Genius Idea to Get Parents to Sign up for Stuff! An Excellent Resource for Schools

Start the Fundraising Year Off with a Smile

Act Now to Protect Your School from Embezzlement

Start the Year Off with Lots of Options

The Number One Key to a Successful Fundraising Strategy

Have You Been Nurturing Your School’s Business Sponsors?

What to Ask on Your Volunteer Questionnaire Form

But, Are YOU Ready to Fundraise?

Posted on 30 August 2011

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