Cookie dough fundraisers have long been a staple of school fundraising programs. Cookie dough fundraising programs involve selling containers of cookie dough, which can be refrigerated or frozen for later use. The school group takes advance orders and/or purchases a certain number of cases of the cookie dough in advance and then sells it.
Even though cookie dough as been around a long time, the flavors and varieties are better than ever. In addition to cookie dough tubs there’s also “place and bake” pre-portioned cookies that make storing and baking frozen dough super easy.

Many companies offer cookie dough at 30-55% profit to your group. Often this is an stepped scale so the more you sell the more money you’ll make on the fundraiser. If you have a large group or can partner with another group and can hit that top commission level that will give you the most success.

When looking at the options available for a cookie dough program also look at the fine print. Since cookie dough is a refrigerated item it is often sold in bulk and there may be a minimum order required. Be confident that you can meet this minimum before signing up for the program. Another “fine print” thing to watch out for when choosing a cookie dough supplier is the shipping charge. With such large orders the cost for shipping can really add up. Check to see if you can get Free Shipping as that could literally save your group hundreds of dollars.

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Posted on 02 August 2010

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