We’ve meant to discuss the effectiveness of cookie dough fundraisers for a long time and now that the fundraising season is ending for schools and sports organizations we felt like this was as good a time as any.

Cookie Dough fundraising has been around a long time. Historically larger groups chose this option because of the minimum order requirements and difficulties handling a frozen product. But as time progressed programs were designed that allowed smaller groups to chose this option as well. Companies started lowering minimum orders and they started marketing the fundraiser to smaller groups.

So should your group consider it as a viable fundraising option?

We believe it is still a viable product in spite of rising prices. Historically fundraising cookie dough was not a bad deal. Customers would purchase a tub that would make 60 or 70 cookies and pay $10 or $12 for a tub. So that came out to half a dollar a cookie. That was cheap compared to prices for cookies offered at malls and other outlets. Of course it was more expensive that making the cookie dough from scratch. But fewer and fewer people wanted to make dough from scratch so the convenience of buying ready to bake dough in tubs or boxes further drove sales.

Over the years cookie dough companies tried to spruce up their programs by adding new and sometimes funky new flavors that never really amount to much in sales. But it was like merchandising in retail. You knew your bread and butter items would sell more but you offered some outlandish items that would attract attention but might not sell.

So now groups can choose from programs that offer just the best selling half dozen flavors and others that include 15 or more kinds of cookies. You can also find programs that include other dessert items hoping to satisfy a broader base of customers.

We believe when it comes to cookie dough fundraisers simpler and cheaper are the ways to go. The programs that offer the top 6 selling flavors offer enough to satisfy anyone willing to buy a tub or two. And we suggest you look for the least expensive tubs. Right now there are companies still offering tubs for $10.

The other option is to offer a nationally known brand like Spunkmeyer for example but their cookie dough sells for a premium which might turn off some potential customers.

If you are considering a cookie dough fundraiser check out these companies:

Easy Fundraising

Fast Track Fundraising


All 3 companies offer superior products and there is no cost to hold a fundraiser with any of them.

CLICK HERE for details on the top cookie dough fundraisers.

Posted on 02 May 2012

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