The best Cookie Dough Fundraisers are usually held during the fall or spring when most fundraising groups are out selling their products. Customers seem to expect the bombarded with fundraisers so its no surprise that the best cookie dough fundraisers coincide with this peak selling season.

But what makes some fundraisers so successful while others fall short? Here are a few thoughts:

1. Successful cookie dough fundraising campaigns are promoted much more actively than others. These groups take advantage of any opportunity to advertise their upcoming sales. Some of the most agressive combine cookie tasting events with cookie dough sales. They figure out where their largest potential customer base gathers and set up tables where customers can nibble on their favorites and place their orders right there.

2. Successful groups set reasonable goals. What is a reasonable goal? That depends on how much money the group needs to make but most groups fail because they set no expectation on their sellers. If there is no goal does a seller feel they succeeded if that sell one tub? We suggest you set a goal of at least 10 tubs sold per person. People can easily sell that much cookie dough if they really try. You don’t want to set the goal so high that it is unattainable yet you don’t want to set it so low that it takes no effort to meet.

3. Successful groups usually raise money for a purpose that people can rally around. For example parents of elementary school kids would probably rally around a fundraiser that will update their kid’s playground more than they will rally around a fundraiser that goes to an unpurposed fund to be used for incidentals. If people directly benefit from the effort they will work harder to make sure its successful.

4. Watch price points. The lower the price the more likely people are to purchase your cookie dough.

So consider these points before you start your next cookie dough fundraiser and you results should skyrocket.

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Posted on 13 January 2012

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