Do you thank your volunteers, donors and members in the same way — year after year? Would you like to come up with some fresh ideas that have worked successfully for other organizations?

121 Recognition Ideas for Donors, Volunteers and Members published by Stevenson, Inc. offers you 121 valuable ideas that you can put into action immediately. Many ideas involve more effort and creativity than funds. Some ideas are perfect for top-donors where spending additional funds to say “thank you” in a way that continues to develop that relationship with your organization will have great value. There are ideas that will work for many different types of organizations, and this book is certain to get you thinking about how you could adapt these 121 ideas for your own organization’s needs.

One excellent idea offered that will also help develop relationships with your volunteers is #10: Ask Volunteers How They Want To Be Recognized. This idea suggests that a suggestion box be placed out for recognition ideas. Getting an idea of how people want to be recognized is a valuable tool for any organization to have at its fingertips — but many do not look for this input.

You’ll find lots of ideas that are long on creativity and low on cost. Idea #31: 10 Ways To Show Volunteers That You Care is a great example of some thoughtful ideas to thank volunteers. With some brainstorming, these ideas could even be adapted to find ways to thank donors or members. One of the ideas is to create a dollar value of the volunteer’s time and to present them with a “fake” check at your recognition event.

This book lists ideas and gives steps that offer how to put them in place. You will be inspired and motivated reading this book, and come away knowing how you can recognize the people that have been so important to your organization. If you are looking to brainstorm and jumpstart your creative thinking for great recognition ideas, this is the book for you!

Find out more about 121 Recognition Ideas for Donors, Volunteers and Members

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Posted on 23 August 2007

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. cheryl kleppin says:

    Our little country church is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary-and the treasurer does NOT think that the folks who gave above and beyond their usual giving to make this a REAL celebration should be on a donor list. Raising over $15,000 in this small community is a BIG deal.

  2. Sandra Sims says:

    Cheryl, I’m from a small town and know what you mean, that amount is a big deal. It shows a strong commitment. I also know that in a small church if you leave off someone’s name that can also be a big deal, in a bad way. If you had specified donation levels from the beginning and people knew they would be recognized for a special gift of $x or more then that would have been the best way. If you didn’t do that now you’re in a bit of a tough spot. Did donations to that $15,000 go into a special fund or just in your general fund? If it was a special fund then perhaps you could include on the list everyone who gave to the special fund, regardless of amount. Otherwise, like the treasurer said, it would be difficult to single people out.

    Perhaps you can think of other ways to thank and recognize people at the celebration. Flowers for all the ladies, a special song, or candles lit, etc.

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