There are lots of people looking for ideas for church fundraisers and there are as many ideas as people looking.

So how do you choose the best fundraising ideas?

We believe there is one basic question that needs to be answered first and then you can choose the right fundraiser. Ask yourself if you or your group has money to purchase a fundraising product that you can sell or not. If you don’t there are as many options available to you but the concept is different in many ways.

Let’s assume you do not have any money to start. You should choose among the different pre sell fundraisers like candle fundraising, cookie dough fundraising or flower bulb fundraising. They all work basically the same way. You choose your program and order free brochures and order forms for each member of your group. They use those sales materials to pre sell products and collect the money during the selling process. At the end of your sale you can use the money to pay for your bulk order.

One of the top candle fundraisers is called Journey of Faith Candles fundraising. The candle labels are all based on well known scriptures and sell very well with faith-based groups.

If you have money to spend then there are other ideas for church fundraisers that offer higher profits.

Church groups with money will find they can make up to 90% profit with discount card fundraisers. There are tons of options here so we know you can find a product your audience will gravitate towards. There are pizza fundraising cards, portrait studio cards and other discount cards. These card are customized for your group, are easy to sell, offer great value to your supporters and extremely high profits to your group.

The other ideas for church fundraisers for groups with some money to spend are the old tried and proven candy fundraisers and lollipop fundraisers that are the easiest fundraising ideas as far as administration goes.

So before searching for church fundraising ideas we suggest you decide whether you have money to spend in advance and whether you are willing to spend it and then go from there.

CLICK HERE for details on the church fundraiser we recommend.

Posted on 16 January 2012

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