fundraisingThere are hundreds of different different ways to raise money. But what are the best fundraisers? The answer to that question is more difficult than it seems since there are so many different groups and organizations raising money and the amount they need to raise is just as varied.

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Here are the some of the best fundraisers that you might consider:.

1. Healthy Snack Fundraisers

Lots of people sell candy for fundraisers but more and more groups are either restricted from selling candy because of health issues or have simply decided on their own to offer only healthier products. That’s one of the reasons that the demand for healthy fundraising snacks hasskyrocketed. We offer one of the best options. Learn more

2. Partner With Local Restaurants

Although you may not make a ton of money each time you do this fundraiser it is an easy way to raise money. Many local restaurants including many national chains will give your group a portion of the proceeds on nights when your group promotes their restaurant. Some offer as much as 20% of sales. It’s really a win for everyone involved. The restaurant gets some good traffic. Your group makes some good money.

3. Have a Bake Sale

Bake sales are another easy fundraising idea. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies and cakes. Get members of your group to bake some of their favorite recipes and offer those items for sale. Many times high traffic stores in your community will let fundraising groups set up tables in front of their stores to sell the baked goods. Depending on your visibility it can be one of the best fundraising ideas out there.

4. Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Like we said above nearly everyone loves freshly baked cookies and cakes so why not sell people each to bake frozen cookie dough. It’s a product people are used to buying in conjunction with fundraising. It’s free to start the fundraiser so it’s good for nearly any kind of group. Learn more…

5. Scrip

Another great fundraising idea is selling Scrip cards. Again you won’t make a ton of money on any one sale but the real money is in the repeat orders. Scrip cards are essentially gift cards to any participating retailer where the retailer discounts the gift card allowing your group to make a small profit. You might be able to purchase a restaurant’s $10 gift card for $9 for example. Supporters of your group that eat at that restaurant can purchase the cards from you. It doesn’t cost the card holder anything to help and the business issuing the gift cards gets some good traffic.

6. Green Fundraisers

If you spend any time watching the news you know how often the environment is discussed. That’s created a great new fundraising opportunity to sell earth friendly products. One of the best programs is a flower bulb fundraiser we started offering about a year ago. You make 50% profit selling flower bulbs. Learn more…

7. Golf Tournaments

More and more groups have discovered you can make a great deal of money holding a golf tournament. You make money on entry fees and sponsorship. Although they do require quite a few volunteers the upside is virtually unlimited. First time golf tournaments should start small and build depending on what works best for your audience, organization and location. The best way to get started is to talk to your local golf course or see if there are event planners in your neighborhood that specialize in golf tournaments.

8. Coffee Fundraisers

Have you driven by a Starbucks recently? It’s amazing how many people love their coffee fix. That’s why we’ve included coffee fundraisers on our best fundraising ideas list. The universe of prospective customers is just too large to ignore. And since we found a coffee fundraiser that now includes some of the best selling tea flavors we feel it’s definitely worth a look. Learn more…

When all else fails:

When all else fails you can simply ask the people associated with your group to donate some money.

We hope this list helps you choose the best fundraiser for your group.