If you’re looking for a school fundraiser you might consider narrowing your search down and look into holding a school candle fundraiser.

Candles make so much sense. Pardon the pun. But they really do. Research shows that just about every house in the United States burns or at least owns candles. Doesn’t it make sense that your school would want to sell a product with that broad of a customer base?

There’s lots to love about candle fundraising, the least of which is that it doesn’t cost anything to start one. That might not matter to a PTA or a school doing a school wide fundraiser where a company will give them credit. It does mean a lot for clubs, smaller organizations and sports teams. The complaint we hear about thinks like candy fundraisers is that the groups don’t have the money to buy a product in the first place or they might not even try to raise money.

Click here for information on the candle fundraisers we recommend.

Let’s spend a few minutes reviewing how a school candle fundraiser would work:

You first identify the candle line you want to sell. We offer 3 different programs including our Earth Candle Fundraiser, our Quote Candle fundraiser and our Journey of Faith candle fundraiser.

Next determine how many students will actually sell and order each of them a brochure and package of marketing materials. Send those home with the students and get them to take orders from friends and family. If the students try there is no reason each can’t sell 10 or more candles.

At the end of your candle sale gather all of the order forms together and tally the orders by candle type or scent. You should have instructed your students to collect payment when they took their orders so you want to tally the money together and deposit any checks in the school checking account.

Then you simply place a bulk candle order.When your order arrives divide out the candles and send the students home to distribute the candles they sold.

You’ll make 50% profit on all 3 of our candle fundraisers. Most of the candles sell for $12 so you’ll make $6 profit on each candle sold.

Remember there’s no cost to start so it might be the right fundraiser for your school to consider. Click here for more candle fundraising information.

Posted on 07 June 2012

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