Raising Greater Funds: Secret Strategies to Increase Your Fund Raising Success is a series of fundraising seminars and the first one is free on the Raising Greater Funds website. You’ll see the link in the right hand column. You can click to listen online or right click and save to your computer to listen later.

This recording focuses on fundraising events, in particular, lessons Tom & Amy Casey learned from planning a basketball tournament. Not just a one time deal, this tournament has run successfully for 17 years and continues to grow each year.

One of the points that Amy makes that should be memorized by fundraising event planners:

Any expenses that are going out are taking away from your fundraiser. And they are taking away from whatever your cause is. The people that are donating and coming to your event want the money to go to the cause not to pay for the stuff.

Well said! I totally agree. In most cases your group should get everything donated. It may take a few years to build up, but passionate supporters, many of whom are business owners or in a position to make donations, will help keep expenses low.

If you are planning a special event this one teleseminar can save you hours of work and increase the funds raised by 2x, 3x or 10x what you’d normally see.

As I mentioned the first audio is a free download on the website. There will be 5 additional audios, and for the whole series it’s $97. I’ll be speaking on one of these classes about online fundraising. I’m honored to be a part of this series which will include great information on a variety of topics that you can put into action to further your non profit’s vision.

Find out more about Raising Greater Funds series and download the first audio for free

Posted on 16 April 2007

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