Yesterday I attended a seminar about marketing for non profit organizations. One of the topics that we discussed at length was “word of mouth” marketing. The best advertisement for your non profit are the people who care passionately about the cause and the organization.

By coincidence when I got back to the office I had an email from Marc Pitman about his Creating Donor Evangelists Audio Program. I purchased this program a couple of years ago and it’s still one of the best fundraising information programs I’ve experienced. (In fact if you go to Marc’s site you’ll see my unsolicited testimonial.)

This is an audio CD that is truly packed with information. You’ll find out how to build strong relationships with donors, your community and create instant positive buzz about your organization. It’s also delivered in Marc’s fun, practical style.

Find out more about The Creating Donor Evangelists Audio Program

P.S. To get a sample of Marc’s teachings you listen (for free) to an audio interview that I conducted with Marc awhile back Relationship Based Fundraising: An Interview with Marc Pitman.

Posted on 18 April 2007

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