Jong Soo Hallet of cMarket, Sandra Sims of Step by Step FundraisingHas your organization considered taking its fundraising auction online? eBay is great for small auctions and those just looking to get their feet wet in the auction world, but cMarket offers a lot of advantages for groups who are serious about raising funds with online auctions.

I first learned about cMarket over a year ago and finally got to meet them at the Association of Fundraising Professionals conference in March. Jong Soo Hallet (at left) has always been great about answering my questions about the cMarket system. Several of the other team members were there, and they were also very friendly and helpful.

cMarket really does place the customer in first place. They offer online training, free teleseminars and a help desk in case you need it. They are always improving their services so that groups can be even more successful with online auctions.

Two of cMarket’s services that compliment the auction software can dramatically increase your fundraising results:

cMarket Place gives you access to consignment items to add to your auction at no upfront cost. There are high ticket and specialty items that can get some big bids from auction “attendees.”

Bidding for Good is a way that your auction can reach a greater audience. People who may have never heard of your organization can search, view and bid for your auction items. (Just like on eBay!)

Find out More about cMarket

During a recent interview I gave an introduction to cMarket and some of its benefits. Now you can listen to this 8 minute audio clip for free

Or just fill out a request form to get more information about cMarket’s services.

Posted on 26 July 2007

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