Entertainment bookThe Entertainment Book is a huge book of discount coupons produced specifically for a local area. These popular books are published in 155 cities in the United States and Canada.

With the Entertainment Fundraiser, you have already one great advantage. It’s a product that helps your supporters save money, so it’s something they will most likely be happy to buy.

My husband and I bought the book two years in a row from our church’s preschool who sold them as a fundraiser.  We really enjoyed trying new restaurants with the Entertainment book’s coupons.  And there was a lot to choose from.  You’ll find everything from fine dining to fast food, and any kind of cuisine you could want.  Some of the coupons were “buy one entree, get a second one free” while others were 50% off the entire bill. With such savings what did we have to lose?  We discovered several new favorite this way and were more than happy to make a return visit even without a coupon the next time.  I would estimate that in one year we probably saved at least $200 using the Entertainment book!

These books can also help a family on a budget.  Not only can you now afford to dine out, you can also save money on everyday purchases.  There are discounts at local grocery stores, car washes, and other retailers that provide necessary services that you could not live without.  You’ll also find savings on fun things such as movie theaters, DVD rental, theme parks and zoos.

As a fundraiser, the Entertainment book has a lot of other great benefits.  You don’t have to have a large group to benefit from the program.  Even groups of just a few people can make a nice profit by selling these books.  There’s no money upfront so there is no risk at all.  You can also make up to 50% profit.  It’s likely that once your group starts selling the Entertainment book, it can become a yearly easy source of revenue.

Benefits of this fundraiser:


  • No upfront costs
  • Up to 50% Profit for your group
  • Sell in person and/or online
  • Go from kickoff to wrap-up in as little as two weeks
  • Works for any size group
  • Free planning and promotional materials
  • Free prize program to motivate and reward sellers
  • Provide a great money-saving service to your supporters

More Information About Entertainment Books

Order a Single Copy – Try out the NEW Entertainment book, filled with discounts on everything

Entertainment Fundraising programs – Get more information about how to raise funds for your group by selling Entertainment books

Posted on 17 December 2008

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