Scratch cards are an unusual way to ask for donations to your organization.  A scratchcard is a small tri-fold booklet that contains a card of silver colored “scratch-off” circles. Supporters are invited to “scratch” off one or more of the circles on the card to reveal how much they will be asked to donate. The cards are quite inexpensive so your group makes up to 90% profit on this fundraiser.

Depending on the style of card you choose the highest donation amount is either $2.50 or $5. Either way this is a very small amount to request. It is easy to ask someone to donate something that amounts to pocket change. In return each person gets a sheet of coupons worth $75 in savings at national brand retailers.

Custom Scratchcards

The newest scratchcards are personalized with your group’s photo right on the front of the card. These cards have 30 dots, with amounts ranging from $1 to $5. Each card comes with an attached booklet of coupons worth up to $75 in savings at major retailers.

Each person who makes a donation, no matter what amount, gets a free coupon sheet. Each card will bring in up to $100 in total contributions.

Original Scratchcards

The original scratchcards offer lower dollar amounts beneath the circles, ranging from zero to $2.50. Since the amounts are lower there are 60 circles instead of 30.

The coupon stack is the same as the custom version.   There are 30 ready made designs for you to choose from and your group name goes on the front of the card.  These cards also have the potential to bring in $100 in total contributions.

Advantages of Scratchcards

One of the advantages of scratchcards is that they can be completed in a very short time frame.  Most participants can return a completed card to their organization in about a week.

Another advantage of scratchcards is that up to 90% of the money brought in is pure profit. This has several advantages. First, those who donate to your cause can feel confident knowing that almost all of the money they give goes directly to help you.  Also since there is very little overhead, a portion of the funds available could be used to provide prizes to your participants.

So how do participants approach others to ask for donations using the scratchcards? It’s really pretty easy, just be polite and courteous. Always identify yourself and which group you are with.  People will find it to be a nice surprise to hear that they don’t have to buy anything to support your group! Make sure people know that they’ll get a free coupon sheet worth $75 for each circle they scratch-off.

Posted on 29 September 2008

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