I’d like to extend a thank you to our July premium sponsors. They provide terrific services for nonprofits and those wishing to raise funds for a good cause, so be sure to visit their websites.

Starfish MarketingStarfish Marketing offers a complete, professionally written and laid out mail package.  They provide a basic framework, which you customize with graphics and text that best matches your nonprofit’s needs. The October mailing will have a Thanksgiving theme. In November it will be a holiday card that uses handwriting style type. Their service is affordable and appropriate for small nonprofits, even if you’re just sending 1,000 letters.  For more information call Margaux Parento at 954-943-7740.

Entertainment Book 2010 Entertainment offers discount coupon books published in 155 cities in the United States and Canada.  You’ll find everything from fine dining to fast food, movies, retailers, care care and other businesses.  My husband Troy and I bought the book two years in a row from our church’s preschool fundraiser.  I would estimate that in one year we probably saved at least $200 using the Entertainment book!  You can find out more about the fundraising program here, or if you’d like to order just a single copy and take advantage of year end savings on the 2009 books.

Restaurant.com CardFastTrackFundraising.com, one of our long time partners, offers a variety of fundraising options.  Until August 15th they have several special offers where you can get free bonus products or special discount savings.  It all adds up to greater funds raised for your group!  Their newest program, the Restaurant.com cards work well for a wide variety of causes.  Other programs traditionally work best with schools and youth groups.  There’s even a magazine sales program that runs completely online. Click here to request information by email or call 1-888-778-2580.

Posted on 28 July 2009

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