Have you ever used the Entertainment Book? It’s a huge book of coupons that will save you hundreds of dollars on dining out, movies, hotels and more. It’s available for most major metro cities in the US.

When I lived in Dallas we used the Entertainment Book to save lots of money dining out — my husband and I would go out to eat 1-2 times a week, and the coupons really came in handy. It was especially good for trying out new restaurants. Most of the coupons are buy one entree get one free, or 50% off, so we could try out new places pretty cheaply.

The Entertainment book is easy to sell as a fundraiser because it is so valuable. The best time to sell the books as a fundraiser is August to December.

If you’ve never used the Entertainment book before, now you can try it out for yourself and decide if you’d like to use the book as a fall fundraiser.

More Information About Entertainment Books

Order a Single Copy – Try out the NEW Entertainment book, filled with discounts on everything

Entertainment Fundraising programs – Get more information about how to raise funds for your group by selling Entertainment books

Posted on 27 June 2005

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