Entertainment BookMany people are familiar with The Entertainment Book. It’s a coupon book that can get you both local and nationwide discounts on your favorite stores and retailers. Many people that use The Entertainment Book save hundreds of dollars each year by using both the coupons within the book and from the online coupons available when you register your card that comes with The Entertainment Book.

There are Entertainment Books for every region of the U.S.A.. Your local Entertainment Book will have coupons and discounts that are unique from your local retailers. It will also have coupons and discounts from national stores and retailers you have come to love.

Entertainment Book as a Fundraiser

This is an ideal fundraiser for many. In this economy, just about every family we know is looking for a way to stretch that family budget just a little farther. If your fundraiser offers a way to help out a local community organization or event — and also save that family money: this is a total win-win deal!

EntertainmentThe average book costs about $25 (the price varies by market) but the fundraising groups get to sell the books at $5 off retail price.   The group keeps up to 50% profit on all the books they sell.  Plus fundraising groups have an added advantage in that they are the first to offer the books in their area. There are no upfront costs for organizations that decide to sell Entertainment Books. You simply contact the company and speak with a representative. They will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. The Entertainment Book also gives you complimentary promotional materials to help you with your fundraiser.

A challenge any fundraiser with the Entertainment book might face is that this book is very well promoted: many people that know and love this book might have already bought their copy by the time you decide to do your fundraiser. The Entertainment Book also sends out many e-mails after you buy a book, enticing you to buy books at a discount for the coming year. So it may be harder to sell your books to those customers that have already bought Entertainment Books on their own, as many pre-subscribe to get a nice discount on their book for the coming year.

A great “counter” offer is to suggest to this person that they buy an Entertainment Book as a gift for someone they know. Another great idea is to suggest that they think of buying the Entertainment Book for an area that their family takes a family vacation. This is a super way to save lots of money, and as most books are under $40 — they will easily save so much more than this on their vacation costs. Either of these ideas can help your organization get that Entertainment Book sale firmly in hand!

This book is so helpful to families, as you can save money on many of the things you want and need. Just using my Entertainment Book over the past month, here are some of the things that I have done:

  • Gone to my local Dunkin Donuts for buy one, get one free iced coffees.
  • Visited the aquarium with buy one, get one free admission.
  • Used Subway coupons (many in this book!) to get $1.99 sandwich with the purchase of a drink and also a free sandwich with the purchase of one paid sandwich.
  • Taken family to our local amusement park to play miniature golf and for a lake cruise, both with buy one, get one free admission tickets.
  • Visited two local museums, the planetarium and a historical landmark home (all admit one, get one free tickets).
  • My personal favorite has been a buy one get one free ticket on an ecology vessel that teaches people about the sound. This trip out into the ocean is relaxing and a unique experience.
  • Shopped at the Avenue using a 40% off coupon for fall clothes.
  • Send two dozen roses from ProFlowers for $19.99 plus shipping charges.

That was just in one month! There are so many more coupons that I haven’t even touched. Things that I can do with my family and coupons to save money at retail stores for the upcoming Christmas season. There are also many travel discounts on hotels, rental cars and even airfare.

It is easy to see how the Entertainment Book would appeal to families. I know that I have saved at least two hundred dollars within the past month, simply using the coupons in the book. My book has more than paid for itself. Many of the stores also offer multiple coupons where you can shop over and over again. The Entertainment Book online website also offers many money saving discounts that are simply phenomenal. I’d do more shopping — but my family won’t let me!

The only challenge in using the Entertainment Book as a consumer is twofold: you need to remember to carry your Entertainment Book card with you and to bring the related coupon. Some merchants want to see the Entertainment Book card and all of them will take the coupon from you. Some people find carrying coupons to be time consuming and frustrating. But if it means the difference between saving money and spending twenty to fifty percent more for your goods and services: it sounds like a very wise thing to carry a coupon!

To make your Entertainment book fundraiser a success: plan it early. Let families know that you will be holding this fundraiser. Try to get a hold of a copy of your local book so people can see the book for your area and get a sense of just how much money they can save. It is exciting once you start flipping through the book and folding down the corners, realizing that you can save money on shopping you are going to be doing already.

Your Entertainment Book fundraiser can be popular in your community. This book offers many great bargains and discounts that any family would appreciate. This is a fundraiser that families will enjoy participating in!

More Information About Entertainment Books

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Posted on 07 August 2008

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