Today I’m focusing the roundup on how non-profits can connect with Gen X and Gen Y (aka Millenials). By definition these two groups combined encompass a wide range from age 10 to 43. Though some generalizations about even this range of ages can be made. For example, many people younger than the boomers want to volunteer, but are reluctant to make a long term commitment from the start. Event based, time bound volunteer assignments are best for younger supporters.

There are many great insights about the younger generations and practical ideas to include them in cause based work in the articles below.

Time cover, June 1997Gen-X: The Ignored Generation? from Time Magazine

What Gen Y Really Wants also from Time Magazine

How to Talk to 20-Somethings about Volunteering by Kivi Leroux Miller

Giving is for all ages from Inside Philanthropy

Youth Philanthropy: Growing the Next Generation of Givers from New Voices of Philanthropy

Understanding the “Millenials” from The Agitator

Young vs Older Donors: Who is More Generous? by Joanne Fritz,

An Interview With Matthew Zachary, Founder I’m Too Young for This by Beth Kanter

Don’t Wait to Engage Millennial Donors by Derwin Dubose

Make Way for Millennials by Kim Carpenter Drake

Giving Generation from Bicentennial Baby

Posted on 13 June 2008

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