Alltop badgeA month or so ago I learned about a great website called The concept is simple, they take a particular topic, like non-profits, and give you the five most recently published stories from websites that cover that subject. The page is laid out with three columns and all the sites on one page. Your eyes can scan the subject lines, left to right and scroll down through the page. It’s a fast way to get the latest news on any topic.

So I was pretty excited when Step by Step Fundraising was accepted as a news source. (It’s currently listed on the most right hand column about half the way down. Though I imagine placement could change based on new sites being added.)

Here are a few interesting stories that I found using the Alltop non-profit section today:

Got Hope? I Do, in Generation Y – Britt at Have Fun Do Good talks about her experience leading a career counseling session with an extremely bright and motivated group of college students

Those college students, any would-be social entrepreneurs and aspiring non profit founders must read these two posts by Rosetta Thurman before jumping in head first: Social Entrepreneurship and the Courage to Fix What’s Broken and 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Start Your Own Nonprofit.

Nonprofits should treat their story like a business story, demonstrating the social return on investment – Steve at Nonprofit PR: Communication with a Purpose has a great case study.

Women and the Future of Philanthropy – Fern Portnoy writing for PhilanTopic says, “Women are positioned to lead the way in shaping philanthropy’s future.”

Posted on 11 April 2008

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