Social networksLast week’s roundup was on online fundraising and taking donations online. Having a great website, including online donation capacity is now a basic must-have for every non-profit.

For non profits those who are ready to go to the next level there are many online social networks and other tools related to “web 2.0.” Many of these online tools are free and getting easier to use all the time. There are even entire social networks that focus on cause groups such as YourCause, Care2 and our own Charity Mile network.

This collection of links, including some steps into social media for beginners, should keep you busy for awhile. Feel free to add links to related articles in the comments.

5 Tips for Diving into Social Networking from Katya Andresen – a great primer for those new to social networks

On-line Social Networking from – blogs, video, discussion groups and practical advice on how to implement them.

Should You Use Social Networking Sites? from TechSoup – Signs that a social networking site might work — or not work — for you

Embracing Nonprofit 2.0 in Your Organization by Steve MacLaughlin, published on Fundraising Success

Web 2.0 Nonprofit Success Stories from the Carnival of Non Profit Consultants posted on Wild Apricot Blog

How to Use Social Media for Social Change by Sarah Perez at Read Write Web

How To Use Social Media for Social Change Same Title, different article, from See3

Determining Your Social Network Needs – Another TechSoup guide – When it comes to social networking, is more always better?

Social Media Adoption Challenges from Social Media Expert Beth Kanter; includes here presentation Cute Dog Theory: Nonprofits and Social Media Adoption

Wanted: Online Relationships Roger Carr’s reflections on online social networking

People to People Fundraising from BlogBaud – review of a new book about how nonprofit organizations can leverage Web 2.0 and other social networking technologies.

Oxfam America and HSUS: Not just Talking about Social Media, Using It from See What’s Out There, the blog of See3 Communications

In other online fundraising news, Blackbaud is acquiring Kintera, an online donation platform. The Blackbaud blog has lots of information and links to other sites that have covered the news.

Posted on 06 June 2008

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