I spent most of this afternoon watching the live video from the Social Media for Social Good conference.  Here’s a blog post with some tips from the presentation and more links: Roundup: Social Media for Social Good

If you are on Facebook you’ve probably recieved “gifts” from your friends.  Anything from virtual plants to cupcakes, kisses, and who knows what all.  Now Facebook is Introducing Charity Gifts that will actually raise funds for a nonprofit organization.

Generation Y Give gives us a case study of Twitter Fundraising: Operation Smile’s 140 Smiles Campaign.

Sally Heaven shares her personal experiences with peer to peer fundraising online for a charity 5K.

How I Raised $1,000 on Facebook Without Breaking a Sweat.”

And here are 15 practical tips for fundraising on Twitter from Maddie Grant.

You may have noticed how several of these articles describe online fundraising as being grassroots style, from volunteers. Or “peer to peer” as Sally puts it.  If you work for a nonprofit, consider ways that you can (1) encourage this type of fundraising (such as with charity run/walk fundraisers) and (2) support people when they “on their own” raise funds for your cause.

Posted on 28 August 2009

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