New to fundraising? You need a plan

Posted on 16 March 2010

You have a great cause, it needs funds and you’re enthusiastic.  So where do you start? There are many different fundraising ideas profiled on this website.   Fundraising events large and small, letter campaigns, online fundraising and others are included on my top ten list.  But more important than any one fundraiser, a nonprofit needs to […]

Grant Seeking Basics Online Training Course

Posted on 17 March 2009

While looking for a new job in fund-raising, someone suggested that I look into The Foundation Center’s online courses. I am certainly glad that I did. They offer a variety of courses, some for a fee and others that are free. The Foundation Center is well-known as a leading authority on philanthropy. It was first […]

Direct Mail Fundraising Basics – Three Important Questions & Answers

Posted on 24 February 2009

The first step in having a successful direct mail fundraising campaign is having an understanding of the fundamentals — what direct mail is, what it is not and what to expect with a direct mail campaign.  These are three typical questions that many nonprofits who have not done a fundraising letter campaign before may ask.  […]

Free Online Fundraising eBooks: Download These Today

Posted on 10 December 2008

Today I’d like to feature two great resources that could make a big difference in your online fundraising efforts.  They come from experienced experts in online fundraising…. plus they are free. 1. The 2008 Online Fundraising Survival Guide: 12 Winning Strategies to Survive & Thrive in a Down Economy from Network for Good.  If you […]

Non Profit Vocabulary Basics You Need to Know

Posted on 24 October 2008

In every workplace there’s language that only makes sense to the insiders.  Call it jargon, lingo or acronym heck… every job has it.  Working in the non-profit world is no different. When you first start out in non profit management you may encounter terms that sound like a foreign language.  Don’t worry, there are some […]

Fundraising Principles

Posted on 25 October 2005

Understanding basic fundraising principles helps non profit leaders better prepare themselves for raising funds. Amy Kincaid has an excellent article that describes seven realities of fundraising and how to react to them. People give when asked (and rarely when they are not). Even when people are asked, they don’t always give. So what? (a) Ask […]

Fundraising Basics – People Asking People

Posted on 13 September 2005

Thought for the day from Marc Pitman… So much of fundraising is common sense. And so much of it is repetitive. Too often, we get bored and end up trying gimmicks and trinkets to raise more money. And that becomes addicting. Who’s doing what? Who’s mailing what? What gimmick will increase giving by a percentage […]