Understanding basic fundraising principles helps non profit leaders better prepare themselves for raising funds. Amy Kincaid has an excellent article that describes seven realities of fundraising and how to react to them.

People give when asked (and rarely when they are not). Even when people are asked, they don’t always give. So what? (a) Ask for more gifts than the number you need. (b) Embrace the word “No.”

I know how frustrating it is to be turned down for a donation. But I also know what a joyous feeling it is to find someone who’s been effected by a cause and really wants to help support it. You really feel like you’ve given them a gift even as you say thanks for theirs.

Yes, it’s unrealistic to think that everyone or even a majority of those you approach to support a cause will do so. But by continuing to put the word out about the mission of your group, you’ll eventually find those people whose passion for the cause matches your own.

Read all of the Seven Fundraising Principles.

Posted on 25 October 2005

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