University of Michigan students held a water balloon contest after class to raise funds for a local charity. Students could buy two water balloons for a dollar to throw at instructors and other students. They raised $200 with this simple fundraiser.

There are many ways to extend this fundraiser in order to raise more money:

  • Charge $1 Per Balloon
  • Charge $5 for a “sure shot” from just a few feet away
  • Charge $10 for “target insurance” for people who don’t want to be targets!
  • Food Booths – picnic foods, drinks or ice cream
  • Other Games like a dunking booth
  • Raffles

How about a dodge ball tournament using water balloons! You could charge a set amount per team an have a prize for the top team. This would also help to get attendance for the day of the event since people would have to sign up ahead of time.

The other great thing about a water balloon fundraiser is that you can easily add it to other existing events like carnivals, picnics or after school activities. Just be prepared to get wet!

Posted on 08 May 2006

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