There are many great fundraising ideas for Relay for Life Events. Most teams do fundraising for the weeks or months leading up to Relay.Teams that have been participating for years may even start fundraising for the next relay as soon as the last one is over. Other teams may have come together just before the deadline and need some last minute ideas. Even if your relay team is short on time there are still some Relay for Life fundraising ideas that will work for you.

Last Minute Relay for Life Fundraising Ideas

These Relay for Life fundraisers can be put together pretty quickly… 1. Krispy Kreme Donuts – This is a good fundraiser if your workplace will let you sell them there and even better if your team is made up of people from different jobs. Announce that the week before relay is Krispy Kreme week and that each day you’ll have donuts available for a $1 donation each. There are several ways that you can use donuts as a fundraiser – find out more about Krispy Kreme Fundraisers.

2. Game Night – Choose a game that your group of friends like to play such as bunko, dominos, or trivia and invite everyone over for a night of fun. You can ask for a flat donation for the entire evening, or for games like cards or dominos, players can chip in $1 for every hand or round.

3. Ice Cream Socials – There are many ways that simply sharing in a bowl of ice cream can raise money for Relay. Find out more about ice cream fundraisers.

4. Movie Night – Host a movie night at your home screening a popular recent new release DVD or a classic movie and charge admission. For fun have a mini concession stand where everything is only 50 cents.

5. Friday Fun Day – If you’re in a management position at a company, make an executive decision that Friday will be fun day! Let employees wear flip-flops and silly hats and have a water balloon fight at lunch time.

Fundraising Ideas for the night of the Relay for Life event:

Some fundraisers can take place at the Relay, as long as they are pre-approved by ACS. Here are some fundraising ideas for the weekend of Relay for Life:

1. Food booth – Sell BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, funnel cakes or anything people would like. It’s best if you can find out what other groups are doing so you don’t end up selling the same things!

2. Blow up Obstacle Course – Check party rental places for a blow up obstacle course. It’s like a bounce house but adults AND kids can play. Charge $1 each time someone goes through the course and time them. Have a board with the best times and prizes for the top 3 competitors. Of course let people go through as many times as they want until the cut-off time when you give out the prizes.

3. Do a Jail N Bail or a Luxury Lock-Up the night of relay.

4. Face Painting – Kids love it! Glow in the dark sticks, necklaces or Princess garlands are also good sellers.

5. Carnival Games are always fun! There are some carnival game ideas on this website.

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Posted on 07 April 2009

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