There are many people who participate in Relay for Life and raise funds to help fight cancer.Let’s take a look at some successful relay for life fundraisers from across the US.

Christine Miller’s team at the Albuquerque Relay for Life didn’t have much time to plan, but got very motivated to raise money for cancer research. They did so by using a variety of small events including selling Red Wheel products, serving ice-cream at Cold Stone Creamery, a car wash, having a Poker Tournament, and selling baked goods at work.

Christine tells us the results of the team’s efforts, “We made over $6,000, and made the all-star team at the Bronze level. We did this in less than six weeks! We ended up in 9th place fundraising, over many corporate teams, and were the only non-corporate team at the Bronze level.”

Some organizations raise funds with just one large event. Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation of North Carolina has been a supporter since 1995. Each year they hold a fundraising dinner, and for the last few years have featured prime rib. Tickets are $100 per couple (which is a typical amount charged by other non-profit groups in the area for similar fund-raising projects), and preparations are made for 250 people. The company averages around $6,000 raised each year with this one event.

Karen Powell, Public Relations Manager, says, “We are blessed with employees who can do this kind of cooking, and for employees who are willing to give of their time to participate. It makes it easier for our team as a whole to raise funds by doing a single event like this and to feel that we are making a difference in the fight against cancer.”

Holding a fundraiser outside of work can be an advantage to a corporate team. Karen adds, “It also allows us to share the Relay for Life story with our friends and neighbors and to let them know that the money raised for the ACS also gets used right here in our own community through the various programs.”

As Relay for Life is a community effort, fundraising events that foster the team spirit are very popular. The Thagard Team at Florida State University held several fundraiser events including a chili cookoff and dance.

Your team can certainly take some tips from the Pottstown, PA Relay for Life. The Pottstown relay has been an annual event since 1998 and is more successful every year. In 2003 the Relay as a whole raised $566,683, making it the #2 Relay in the State and #11 out of 3800 Relays in the NATION. Visit the Pottstown Relay website to read about the fundraisers of the various teams.

However your team raises money for Relay, enthusiasm and team work are key. Gather input from all your team members and organize events well, whether it’s one big event or several small events. When your team works together toward a common goal, you can achieve amazing results.

It is wonderful to know that our efforts to raise money for cancer research and support programs are making a difference!

Posted on 27 July 2004

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