The most common way of selling awareness bracelets is to carry them in a large ziploc bag everywhere you go. Have them out in plain site so that people that walk by are able to see them. Depending on what type of group is selling them, the strategies will differ.

In front of the supermarket

Setting up a table and selling them in front of a high traffic area like a supermarket is a great way to sell these bands. Because you will be selling these to strangers, it is important to portray exactly why you’re selling the awareness bracelets, and what the proceeds will go to. People are very visually stimulated and if they see exactly where their money will go, they will be more inclined to buy from you.


Another great way to sell these is to take them everywhere you go. This method is especially useful for middle school and high school students who walk from class to class. Remember to keep them out and in plain view so that people walking by can see what you’re selling. It also helps to actively approach friends and classmates that you believe wouldn’t mind buying them.

Game time!

For sports teams that want to use these as a fundraiser, have a booth that sells these at your games! These people are the ones that are most likely to support your teams as they’re already there at your games.

Posted on 08 September 2010

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