Looking for some easy school fundraising ideas? Students and teachers in the Armstrong School District in Pennsylvania came up with several easy school fundraisers to help raise funds for hurricane relief.

The fundraisers were based upon students giving a small donation in exchange for getting to wear something special such as a funny hat or flip-flop shoes. They proved not only to be easy school fundraisers but fun ones as well.

Schools such as Ford City High School and Kittanning Area Middle School sponsored a “Hat Day,” where students donating $1 could wear a hat all day in school.

Elderton High School also ran a hat day and a “Flip-Flop Day” and sold 25-cent tickets for a seat of honor in class. Winners of the drawing got to sit in an easy chair and were brought snacks by teachers.

Source: Pittsburgh Live

These are easy school fundraisers because it didn’t take much time or effort to plan them. All that was needed was to set a date for the special days at school and decide how much students would be asked to donate.

Another reason that made the events easy school fundraisers is that students were not required to sell anything or do any volunteering after school. Since students were only asked to donate a few dollars it made the fun costume days available for all students to participate in and no one would feel left out. Students could realize that when everyone works together, each small contribution adds up to make a difference in a worthy cause.

These easy school fundraisers could be used to raise donations for school related causes including sports teams, prom committees and academic programs.

Posted on 14 October 2005

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