Here it is, the end of the month once again.  As is my custom, I am posting links to all of the articles I have written for FundraisingIdeas and Top School Fundraisers.

I hope you take a few minutes to check out these posts and don’t forget to visit our friends over at FastTrackFundraising for all your fundraising needs!

See you in May!

– Jim Berigan

10 Fundraising Clichés That You Should Avoid

Would You Do Something Absolutely Crazy for Your Non-profit?

Sound Fundraising Advice from 1970s Television

A Creative Way to Get Your Non-profit’s Competitive Juices Flowing

The Value of Non-Board Board Members

The Pressure of Coming up with a Catchy Fundraiser Name

What Do You Have to Think About When Choosing a For-Profit Fundraising Partner

What If You Didn’t Throw a Fundraiser and Everybody Still Came?

Make More of What You’ve Already Got

Two Unusual and Profitable Fundraising Events You May Never Have Heard Of

An Excellent Example of a Non-profit Partnership in Action

4 reasons your staff should donate money to your non-profit first

5 Things You Can Do to Avoid being the Non-profit that Gets Cut from the Family’s Donation Budget

The Advantages of Working for a Non-Profit over a For-Profit

Top School Fundraisers

Mass. Elementary School Uses Brain Power to Fundraise

Volunteer Recruitment Letter Extreme Makeover

Are Your Fundraising Materials Being Lost in the Mountain of Papers Coming Home Each Week?

Concession Stand Ideas from the PTO Today Message Boards

Dodgeball for Dollars

Wanna Raise $15,840?

Try Attaching a Year-Long Theme to Your Fundraisers Next Year

Check out these Donation Fundraisers from FastTrack

6 Ways to Conquer Fundraising Fatigue

A Year without Fundraising Events and Product Sales? Is it Possible?

Posted on 30 April 2011

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