Here it is, the end of the month once again.  As is my custom, I am posting links to all of the articles I have written for FundraisingIdeas and Top School Fundraisers.

I hope you take a few minutes to check out these posts and don’t forget to visit our friends over at FastTrackFundraising for all your fundraising needs!

See you in April!

– Jim Berigan

Fundraising Ideas

What Does a Good Fundraiser Look Like?

Even If You’re a Small Non-Profit, Do Things Right

Is Your Non-profit’s Brand Good, Bad, or Ugly?

3 Things to Remember about Fundraising When Gas Prices Skyrocket

5 Fundraising Take-Aways from Last Night’s Celebrity Apprentice

10 Examples of Bad Behavior from Board Members- Part I

10 Examples of Bad Behavior from Board Members- Part II

10 Examples of Good Behavior from Board Members

How to Guard Against Being Let Down by a Volunteer

How a Non-profit Can Make You Feel Like Family

What Did You Learn from Last Year?

Could Your Non-profit Set a World Record?

Big Fundraiser vs. Little Fundraiser

Replicating St. Baldrick’s Success with a Small Non-profit

Do You Have an Elevator Pitch for Your Non-Profit?

People STILL Don’t Get It. Kids Should NOT be Selling Things Door-to-Door!


Top School Fundraisers

An Awesome Idea to Generate Buzz for your School Fundraiser. Everyone will be talking about it!

Using the Scarcity Principle to Raise Money and Volunteers at School, Part I

Should You Serve Alcohol to Parents at Your School Fundraiser?

Why Bake Sales are Still A Good Bet for School Fundraising

3 Reasons to Get to Know the PTO leaders at the Other Schools in Your District

A California High School Loves ATM Service Fees!

Who Sets the Fundraising Tone in Your School?

14 Ways to Increase Product Sale Participation

How to Calculate Profits from a Bounce House and Other Inflatables

Does it Work to Threaten Parents?

People STILL Don’t Get It. Kids Should NOT be Selling Things Door-to-Door!

Posted on 30 March 2011

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