At the end of each month, I will be posting a complete list of article links to blog posts that I have written that month on the three different sites I manage for FastTrack Fundraising: Step by Step Fundraising, Top School Fundraisers, and of course,

Checking out these links is a great way to introduce yourself to our family of websites.  A lot of the information is suitable for readers of the three different blogs.  If you normally read StepbyStepFundraising, you will certainly gain a lot of useful information at, for instance.

Anyway, I invite to you take a few minutes and check out the links below.  Enjoy and see you in February!

– Jim Berigan

  1. 10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Non-profit the Best in Your Community
  2. How to Make More Money at Your Next Spaghetti Dinner
  3. Don’t Let This Fundraising Scam Strike Your Non-profit
  4. And the Winner Is… (Your Non-profit)!
  5. 5 Ways to Show You Are a Non-profit Winner
  6. 5 Reasons to Hire a Volunteer Coordinator at Your Non-profit
  7. Is This Really the Best Way to Say Thank You?
  8. What is Your Dream Volunteer? Wake up! Get Real!
  9. How to Fake It Until You Make it- Part I
  10. How to Fake It Until You Make It- Part II
  11. How to Fake It Until You Make It- Part III
  12. How to Fake It Until You Make It- Part IV
  13. Online giving is on the rise. What is your non-profit doing to cash in on this trend?
  14. The Great Debate: Pancake Breakfast vs. Spaghetti Dinner

  1. 10 Perfectly Terrible Carnival Foods that You’ve Gotta Try!
  2. Thinking about School Fundraising Rules
  3. Follow the Money: More Fundraising or More Advertising?
  4. Tired of Losing Money on your Fundraiser? Keep 97.6% of Each Dollar with Spinners!
  5. Step by Step Instructions for Creating a School Fundraising Plan- Part I
  6. Step by Step Instructions for Creating an Annual School Fundraising Plan- Part II
  7. Follow Up: Schools Making Crazy Money with Ad Sales
  8. 13 Tips for a Fruitful Flamingo Fundraiser
  9. Have You Ever Considered Having an Online Auction? Here’s a Great Place to Start.
  10. 8 Ways a Last-Minute Phone-a-thon Could Go Horribly Wrong

Posted on 28 January 2011

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