So you need to raise several thousand dollars in a short period of time. You have a very worthy cause that people would love to help.

However, you’ve tried every traditional way to get the money that you need to no avail. You’ve done car washes, bake sales, held a cookie dough fundraiser, and every other fundraiser you could think of. Chances are, the people you’re asking are getting tired of the same old routine. You need some unique fundraising ideas and you need them fast. Why not try something new?

Silicone bracelets are the idea that you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re supporting your local church group or trying to fund the cure for cancer, unique fundraising ideas are essential. Every business needs a unique selling proposition and fundraisers are no different. The same rules apply. If you can separate yourself from other fundraisers, people will love to help you. With silicone bracelets, you can provide something that hasn’t been overdone.

The silicone bracelets can be customized to say whatever you’d like them to. You can put a catch phrase on all of them, or individualize them for each customer. The customer will get something that they can wear again and again, instead of a consumable product that they’ll use once. This holds a large advantage over traditional forms of fundraising. Silicone bracelets can come in a variety of colors and styles.

If your organization has certain colors that you need to match, silicone bracelets can provide what you need. This will give the person who buys it a daily reminder of where it came from and thereby increasing the likelihood of them helping you again in the future. Although it is good for repeat traffic, even a one-time fundraising cause will benefit from custom silicone bracelets.

Some may need to raise just enough to offset medical expenses. Some may need to fund a trip of some sort. The different needs that can be met are endless. The main thing they all have in common is the need for a unique fundraising idea. Custom silicone bracelets are great in every situation. They are inexpensive to make and can generate a large amount of money for your fundraising needs. No one wants to put thousands of dollars into a costly product.

Being able to buy a small, lightweight, inexpensive fundraising product will save you time and frustration. Compare carrying a handful of these bracelets to a pallet of cookie boxes. There’s really no comparison on how easy they are to distribute. If you need a unique fundraising idea, custom silicone bracelets are for you. They look great. They’re inexpensive, and can be customized to look like you want them to. There is no other fundraising product quite like a silicone bracelet.

Posted on 03 January 2012

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