Livestrong BraceletThe June 15 issue of The Non Profit Times reports that sales of the Livestrong bracelets, which benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation, are still brisk.

When the bright yellow bracelets hit the scene, they were something new and novel.  During the first year of the promotion 5 million Livestrong bracelets were sold.  Last year that number was down to 2.4 million, but that’s still nothing to sneeze at.  You can still order the bands at the Lance Armstrong Foundation online store along with a lot of other athletic and general branded gear.

Betty Otter-Nickerson, COO of Lance Armstrong Foundation commented in the article about the benefits of the bands beyond fundraising:

What it really underscores is how when the wristband was introduced we changed the face of philanthropy and allowed people a way to show support for a cause at a very nominal investment for the person who wants to do that, and have an iconic way to show that as well.

For cancer survivors and families the bracelets remind them daily to live with hope, to “livestrong.”

Another well known organization that uses silicone bracelets is the ONE Campaign.  The white bracelets show support for the fight against global AIDS and poverty.  The campaign also offers t-shirts and other apparel.

Many other non-profits jumped on the bracelet bandwagon so there’s one for just about every cause. Organizations can order silicone bracelets in bulk from many wholesalers including FastTrack Fundraising.

So does your non-profit offer a way for people to literally wear their love of your cause?  While bracelets are still an option, you may come up with something even better that represents your mission and is attractive to supporters.

Posted on 04 August 2008

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