Unique Fundraisers for Unique Needs. If more groups would think like that they would most definitely raise a lot more money.

We all know there are tons of fundraising ideas out there. Lots of them are tried and proven like cookie dough fundraising or candy fundraising. But even though they are tried and proven doesn’t mean that they are right or the best idea for every group.

Consider a group called Loaves and Fishes. They have come up with a unique fundraising idea to raise money for their local food shelters. They want to all kinds of people to come and purchase a bowl of soup from what will essentially be a soup line and pay $25 for the soup. They hope that they can attract enough attention where people will be lined up out the door and around the block if possible.

Their idea is to give people an idea of what some people go through. Most people have no idea what its like to stand in line for the only meal you’ll get that day.

The idea is not just to raise money, but help people empathize with the plight of those who are experiencing homelessness.

They are enlisting the help of 10 local chefs to create a great selection of soups that can be purchased.

When we read about their idea we were very impressed and wanted to share it with you. We believe these people will have the best fundraising results they’ve ever had because not only have they identified a fundraising product that can be associated with the cause, they have created one that can be very profitable. The event raises awareness as well as dollars and what more could you ask for when choosing Unique Fundraisers for Unique Needs.


Posted on 16 February 2012

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